The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA)


The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) was set up in 2016, to make the West Midlands a happy, healthy, place to live by making it easier and safer to travel in and around the region, using derelict land to build homes, protecting green spaces, making sure young people have the education and employment opportunities to make a great start in life, working together to support communities and build a fairer, healthier and more inclusive West Midlands. A combined authority is a group of local authorities working together to make their region a better place to live. The government gives combined authorities the money and power to make decisions for their regions. This is called devolution. It means that decisions are made by people who know their region best.


The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA)


Cumberland School's Technological Transformation


As part of WMCA mission to address digital exclusion, WMCA was seeking to procure a range of devices data and software enabled for residents living in the most deprived wards to access key services. The Connect Services Project (to which the devices will be utilised) will focus on supporting residents who live in the most deprived communities in the region as defined by lower super output areas (LSOA). Each Local Authority has already established device banks and loan schemes across the region to support Voluntary and Community organisations in their work with residents. These devices will give us the opportunity to boost existing efforts and to reach more residents.
The intention is that the devices will be allocated to both voluntary sector organisations (for multiple users), and also directly to residents who do not have access to devices at home. WMCA wanted to procure a mixture of devices to support residents with varying degrees of digital competency and planned usage. These may be inclusive of devices such as Specialist PC’s, Tablets, Chromebooks and MiFi to support access to the internet.
Research shows that over half of West Midlands residents do not have the necessary digital skills that are becoming increasingly required in the workplace, meaning they are missing out on job opportunities and other money saving advantages.


Memtek executed a comprehensive approach to successfully deliver a working solution within a tight deadline.
1. Deal Registration with Manufacturers:

           Engaged with key manufacturers to establish collaboration.

2. Special Bid Pricing Support:

           Provided support in determining special bid pricing to meet client requirements.

3. Engagement with Mobile Phone Companies:

           Collaborated with mobile phone companies to identify the best route for mobile connectivity.

4. Logistics Coordination with Distribution Partners:

           Worked with distribution partners to ensure logistics criteria were fulfilled.

5. Provided Delivery Schedule and Updates:

           Shared delivery schedules and updates with all 7 Local Authorities involved.


1. Timely Solution Delivery:

           Memtek successfully delivered the solution within a very short deadline of 2 weeks from the award.

2. Hardware Supply Contract:

           Awarded a significant contract worth £1.8M for the supply of hardware.

3. Laptop Distribution:

           Delivered over 3000 laptops across 7 Local Authorities.

4. Portable WiFi Devices Procurement and Delivery:

           Procured and delivered 5000 portable WiFi devices.

5. Extended Warranty Agreement:

           Successfully negotiated with the manufacturer to increase the warranty from 1 year to 3 years at no extra cost.

These outcomes highlight Memtek’s efficiency in Project management, negotiation skills, and successful collaboration with manufacturers, distribution partners, mobile phone companies, and local authorities. This resulting in meeting the client’s needs within a short timeframe. The ability to secure additional benefits, such as an extended warranty at no extra cost, demonstrates Memtek’s commitment to delivering value to their clients.

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